Today was pretty much of a bad day, so I went to bed early, but instead of sleeping I grabbed my 2DS and made some music on “Wario Ware – Do it yourself”

Because I made it on 2DS I had to recorde it with my phone, yes that’s kinda sad, but these things, they happen.

The song I made acctually turned outwell (if you would ask me), the first part tho is kinda a bit weird; HAVE A LISTEN. I also have 50% Version of it. (With the slower Version the end sounds really neat!)

So yea that’s about it today, Im currently thinking of in Idea how you can contact me, without me giving any crucial information away. But’ll I think of something.

For now, have another Good Evening/Morning !

Good Bai,




I think I got some People following my Blog now!

Shoutout to Fabio the Turtle!

Sooo yes! I think this is getting started, I really am creative the last few days and im progressing art drawing a lot! Thanks for the Support everyone!

If you have an Idea about a picture that might fit my style or you need something just because you feel like it, contact me at  -REMOVED-  Ideas are always appreciated!

Here is the Art I made today because I got inspired by this song, its from Jubyphonic, one of my favourite Coversingers. She is gr8 m8.


I will try to make a post atleast every Week! I will probably post whenever I feel like it tho! So there might even be like 20 Posts a Day! (not really) Also I will try to add a song to every of my post as a link, because everyone loves music, and maybe you kinda like the ones I do!

Thanks for Reading, yo! Have a nice Evening/Day !

So I guess I started this just because.

Welp so I think I started a Blog!

Im just gona keep anyone that’s hanging around here informed on what Im doing.

If you have no Idea who I am, well Im just that Random Guy on the Internet who enjoys playing Video Games, drawing (kind of) and doing various other things, magical. People call me Gonarr, that’s the nickname I have choosen on the Internet. Otherwise there is nothing really special about me, guess I kinda wanna kill boredom and maybe have one or two people sharing the Adventures of my very Great imagination. So there’s that.

I kinda wanna try animating anytime soon. I got myself a Free trial Version of an animating programm, I kinda need to learn how to use it once im done with that, I should be able to do things. The only thing that’d be stop me from doing so is my lazyness and/or me not beeing satisfied with my drawing/animation in general.

Once I got a few decent Drawing I will scan them and upload them here, because why not.

So we’ll see where this will be going, goodbye and thanks for checking in, yo!

That Guy on the internet Gonarr


This is about me telling you about – well uh, me